Leslie Carr

Leslie Carr; wife, mother, grandmother of nine and cancer patient.  Her Savior helps her through both joys and trials...and has been doing so since she received Jesus as her Savior at age thirteen.  Leslie met her future husband, Tim Carr, in California in the '70's.  Since their marriage in 1977, she has enjoyed her part in raising their three boys and now filling a rewarding role as grandmother.  Her journey through time has been fruitful not only at home but also in the church.  Leslie has been active as a Sunday School teacher to teen girls for many years as well as working in Women's Ministry.  When she gets quiet moments for herself she enjoys a cup of tea and time in the Bible.  Her most recent exercise as a cancer patient has deepened her walk with her Lord.  She has found Him to be a wonderful Counselor and Guide as she went through surgery for colon cancer, chemotherapy and now working her way back to 'normal'.  "It was a wonderful trip He's taken me on" she says.  "No one likes that diagnosis but..." she remarks, "it was wonderful to experience His power carrying me all the way through the valley".  In April of 2014, Leslie's first CAT Scan since surgery and Chemotherapy showed no sign of recurring cancer.  We are thankful to our Lord for this outcome.

Leslie Carr lives with her husband Tim in the Moodus section of East Haddam.  She is currently employed as an assistant to the Recreation Director in a Health and Rehabilitation center.  She has resided in East Haddam for fourteen years.